Stephen Norwood - Sick Note Poem

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Sick Note

Dear Mrs Eastwick,
I write to tell you this,
My son won’t be in today
As he’s feeling rather sick.

He won’t be in tomorrow
Or the day that follows that
As he hasn’t been the same,
Since he swallowed next door’s cat.

I’m waiting for the doctor,
I’m waiting for the vet,
And I’m waiting for the neighbour,
Who now can’t find his pet.

I don’t know if they’ll operate,
I don’t know what they’ll do
They might let nature run its course,
When my son’s next on the loo!

The only thing for certain,
I can write down in this letter,
Is my son will be straight back in school,
As soon as he’s feline better.

© Stephen Norwood 2005

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Sick Note