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Death Mask

The next few weeks are blurred as I met the radiotherapy doctors and had further MRI scans and generally got prepared for radiotherapy. On top of this I continued to have my ear cavity packed and repacked as they monitored the progress of the granulation. Otherwise I was totally well, eating and exercising normally and enjoying the luxury of being off work. One thing that did stand out was being fitted for my mask.

Radiotherapy to the head requires the patient to be secured in exactly the same position for each session. To achieve this each patient must have there own closely fitted mask made so that they are millimetre perfect for each visit.

Radiotherapy Mask

Being fitted for a mask involved lying down and having my body alignment set using lasers. Once the radiographers were happy with my position; they carefully lowered a warm plastic matrix over my face and then quickly moulded it around my contours until it was a snug fit. With pens they then marked the position of my eyes, mouth and nostrils. It took less than a minute to complete this and then the mask could be lifted having solidified enough. Once they had cut out the breathing holes I had the mask put on again and then aligned once more with the laser.