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Valentine's Present

It was the fourteenth of February and Catherine and I were having a really romantic day out at the hospital. Today was the operation and we had caught an early train and were now sat in a waiting room. There were other people in the room but I didn't really notice them. I was focussed on myself. When we had arrived, the hospital had seemed very quiet but now that the day was starting the corridor outside the waiting room began to buzz with the footsteps of staff, exchanges of pleasantries and the finalising of plans. Alas there was no rattling tea trolley. I was already hungry and thirsty being nil by mouth. A nurse approached and ran through the usual pre-opt questions about when I had last eaten or drank etc. I was given a 'lovely' hospital gown to put on and an even more fetching pair of compression stockings. Catherine couldn't complain that I hadn't dressed up for Valentines! We then met with one of the doctors from the team. We had to sign all the various forms giving consent and agreeing to the associated risks. He also explained how they now wanted to open my appendix scar up to harvest some fat to fill the void when they removed the facial tissue.

Feb 14 2011

After this it was time for Catherine to go home. I was going through to be prepared for surgery, the operation would take several hours and I would take hours to recover. There was nothing she could do at the hospital and it was better for her to be home for the children. I would see her tomorrow.