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There was this boy, I won't give names,
Who did not like: PE or games,
'A cold', 'sore toe' said the note,
That his mother each week wrote.
Instead he'd sit, with his book,
By the window where he'd look,
Across the playground to the grass,
Where happily playing was his class.

Now for this boy, there came a shock,
One afternoon, at one o'clock,
"Have you a note or have you not?"
The teacher asked, but he'd forgot,
To ask his mother for a letter.
"No note, I see. I'm glad your better!"

So with no note, he soon was out,
With the others, running about.
He played football, he made a pass,
So good he's chosen by his class,
To take the free kick for the team,
The ball went in, it's like a dream.

There is this boy, I won't give names,
Who’s now outside doing games,
Running around without his coat,
Because one day he had no note.
And once he'd had a go at sport,
He found it easier than he thought.
So now each week, he's on the grass
And happily playing with his class.

© Stephen Norwood 2000

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Games Lesson

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