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Magnets on the fridge,
Memories of places been.
Useful to hold notes.

Someone stole the snow,
It was there before bedtime,
Poor Mister Snowman.

The worm was ready,
When the early bird awoke,
With his friend called cat.

In out of the rain,
Came the cat looking for that,
Place by the fire.

Crimson horizon,
Witnessed death to the day
And then it was dark.

Embracing the day,
As the crimson sun arose,
The cockerel crowed.

And then came the rain,
To wash away all the pain,
That the drought had brought.

A shot in the dark,
Or was it premonition,
Perhaps de-ja vu.

Underfloor heating
Keeping my feet and toes warm
No need for slippers!

Inspiration gone,
I lay my pen to rest,
And wait its return.

Without any grace,
Nor control or composure,
My feet left the ice.

They all stood naked,
Lining up along the road,
Deciduous trees.

The sun had not lay,
When the moon came out to play,
But sun ran away.

From the highest peak,
Right down to the ocean floor,
Find man’s encroachment.

Nurse hit the baby,
Aside an anxious mother,
Relieved when it cried.

Bring forth the new
And discard the obsolete.
The salesman’s motto.

Fire runs wild.
In a tropical forest,
But who lit the match?

Time waits for no one,
But I have so much to do
Before it runs out.

To love is to live.
To hate is to slowly die,
Choose to live or die.

It missed a beat
But no cardiac arrest
Just the hope of love

Chicken cross the road
But beware of predators
Even if lead free.

The comedian,
Told a political joke
Got laughs left and right.

Table tennis time,
Playing ping pong ping pong ping,
By batting back ball.

Till death us do part
Was said in the marriage vow
How soon they forget.

“I will deliver!”
The politician promised,
But he tells not what.

Apple fell to ground,
And brought the world gravity
Apple fell to sky?

It’s not that you’re rich,
But rather that I am poor,
That makes me angry

Trapped without hope,
A body that will not work
Do not drink and drive

© Stephen Norwood 1991 - 2017

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