John O'Groats to Land's End - Into England

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Into England

Thursday 29th July 2010

Forth Road Bridge in the morning

The alarm on my watch woke me up at 6:35 giving me ten minutes to get myself down for breakfast. This morning it was real luxury: bowl of cereal, followed by a full Scottish cooked breakfast, toast and jam and a bucket full of tea. I even took time to chat to the only other guest at the B&B: a safety engineer for the Forth Rail Bridge. He found an eager listener for all the facts he could muster about the bridge and the works that were at the time being carried out. It was therefore a very leisurely breakfast and a very slow start to the day.

I returned to my room and was struck by the total devastation I had created the night before. It was like my trailer bag had exploded. All its contents were spread around the room where I had tried to dry out tents, wet kit and waterproofs. I made myself another cup of tea and began the process of repacking everything. By the time I had taken down the bike, then the trailer and finally the trailer bag down the small slope that led to the B&B and put it together it was a shameful 10am. Having caught up with my schedule yesterday I was now already behind.

Crossing the Forth Road Bridge

The B&B being under the bridge had been down a short but very steep slope and I needed to walk the bike up before I could cycle. It was a short distance to the pedestrian access for the Forth Road Bridge. Unfortunately, it involved a flight of stairs and so I had to detach the trailer and make a relay of trips before I could cross it. The bridge had a 15mph speed limit which wasn't a problem as I wanted to enjoy the views.

At the other end weaving through the disused toll booths I found my way back to the road and spied a Tesco supermarket. I took the opportunity to pop in and get some supplies. Each day I needed to make sure I had enough to drink to keep me properly hydrated together with plenty of snacks. So after each visit I would add about 6kg of weight to the bike and trailer by the time I had packed the cartons of orange and apple juice; bottles of water and snacks etc.