John O'Groats to Land's End - York to Grantham

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York to Grantham

Sunday 1st August 2010

The alarm woke us up at 7am and this gave us time to get dressed and start packing before breakfast at 8am. After another hearty breakfast we returned to the room and continued organising ourselves. It was after 10 before I was ready to leave. Catherine, James and Rhea were already packed, loaded and waiting in the car to go. It was hard leaving them again and there was part of me that would of liked the easy option of getting into the car with them. However, I could take comfort in knowing that I would see them at home the following day. We said our final goodbyes and they drove off and I set off on my bike.

Sign for Market Weighton

I found the road to Hull and headed east making good time along the mainly flat roads with the wind favourable for a change. The road took me passed the town of Market Weighton, birthplace of William Bradley, the tallest man in British history and also the place where my father was born. As I got closer to Hull the road went over a few hills but I continued to make good progress. I then stopped for an early lunch at a drive thru MacDonalds. I was tempted to cycle through the Drive-Thru but wanting to use the loo, opted for the restaurant.

umber Bridge

After lunch I continued my journey towards my next destination and the main reason for my easterly direction from York. I wanted to cross the Humber Bridge and had planned this slight detour from my southerly path in order to do so. As I approached the bridge I came off the road and joined the cycle path that annoyingly went round the whole of the visitor centre car park before finally heading for the bridge. Once on the bridge I was finally cycling south again.

Stephen Norwood cycling on the Humber Bridge

I stopped in the middle of the bridge to ask a couple if they would take my photo. I explained that I needed a photo to 'prove I was here' as I was about half-way between John O'Groats and Land's End. They asked which charity I was raising money for and I told them it was Great Ormond Street Hospital. They then asked if they could sponser me and handed over all the coins they had on their person. This kind gesture lifted my spirits as I continued crossing the bridge, though I do confess to having a flashing thought about how much extra weight this had added to the bike and trailer.