John O'Groats to Land's End - York to Grantham

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Rest and Repair Day

Tuesday 3rd August 2010

It was about 6am when I woke and needed to visit the bathroom. But unlike the previous days I could afford to go back to bed and sleep in till 8am. After breakfast, as in York, the priority was getting cycling kit washed and dried and airing the tent. My next priority was to get the bike to the cycle shop where I had booked in a quick service and most importantly a replacement back tyre. On the previous day cycling from Grantham I had gone over a strip of discarded metal on the hard shoulder and had split the tyre. Fortunately, I hadn't punctured proving the value of fitting puncture resistant tyres with kevlar belts. I had rung the cycle shop to make sure they could get hold of a replacement when I went in. While the bike was being serviced I took the opportunity to pick up some more supplies from the supermarket for the following day's stage.

With the bike repaired the rest of the day was taken up with family things, including being taken out to buy a barbeque as my birthday present. After dinner we all benefited from an early night.