Stephen Norwood - Cancer - Surgery 2

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Face Lift

I remember being very calm and not at all nervous. I was abdicating responsibility, there was nothing I could do and there was no point worrying about anything. I had watched a gruesome film of a similar operation and knew what they were about to do to my face. I had to accept my fate, if something went wrong, it went wrong. But I had faith in the team that were supporting me. They were particularly good at explaining things to me. The anaesthetist talked me through what she was doing as I was prepared to go into theatre. She was connecting a long transparent box with a huge syringe inside it to a cannula in my left arm. "This is pain killer." she explained. "Lots of it." she smiled. She explained how it was connected to a driver that constantly delivered the drug and how she would make sure that I didn't feel anything." She then showed me a small syringe that was connected to a cannula in my right arm. This, she told me, was the anaesthetic, we don't use a lot - just enough to keep you drowsy. You might wake up but you wont remember anything. A few minutes later she asked me if I was ready, and then slowly emptied the syringe into me.